The Decline of Freedom, The Foundation of all Tyranny

The Decline of Freedom, The Foundation of all Tyranny

In our last article, The Real Destroyers of Liberties, we stated that the contributors to the decline of freedom throughout history included both the governments of the world, who offer benefits, and those citizens who apply for and accept those benefits. All of the responses to that article were very positive, but one individual complained. I thought their comments were cutting to the heart of the matter, and were worthy of examination by all.

In this present article we examine from several different directions both their confusion and the problem itself along with the general principles that will reverse the process of the present decline of freedom and therefore strike a blow together that cracks the foundation of all tyranny.

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2 Responses to “The Decline of Freedom, The Foundation of all Tyranny”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Are you familiar with the steps required to build a self-sustaining community of believers? A place where we could grow our own food, house ourselves, provide outreach ministries to the lost, teach the young, help the elderly…..and obviously, maintain independence from government bondage. I agree with you wholeheartedly that His people need more than ever to break from this ‘return to ‘egypt’, and to remember-or relearn-how to trust God alone to meet our real needs…..I often think of how Jesus had no where to lay his head, and how he told His messengers to travel lightly, without even a script, and how He led them to do His will and provided them with all things necessary.
    You talk a lot about how the government has become (or in actuality just IS) an earthly accomodator to human greed and self-service…..and tragically this mind-set has rooted itself in most ‘religious’ organizations, traditions, and ministries…..
    In these times, I wonder how the average person can best serve God and truly provide for His people…..declare His GOOD NEWS….and not return or remain under the yoke of bondage….His Peace

  2. Brother Gregory Says:

    The book The Covenants of the gods shows how people are bound under men who are no gods. The books Thy Kingdom Comes and The Free Church Report are about how men may learn to bind themselves together with faith, hope and charity which is love. If we have faith in God and His way of love and life we will come together to serve one another.
    When a society is bound by a loving desire to serve one another, forgive one another, sacrifice self for one another it becomes the kingdom of God.
    Writing and reading about the liberty of Christ is not taking the steps to live as Christ said… we must act.
    “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

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