Romans 13

Romans 13 is only the tip of a great deceptions that has crept into our
thinking. People of the world have been lead down a path away from “the perfect law of liberty”.

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 Romans 13 and Christ’s “Clergy Response Teams”
  Romans 13 short text

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One Response to “Romans 13”

  1. Brother Gregory Says:

    The word exousia clearly means the “original right to choose” granted by God to men before men rejected God and created civil government… a common theme of the bible… From Nimrod to now…

    The Book The Higher Liberty clearly examines this verse and that fact in relationship to the rest of the Bible and the context of Romans.

    I do agree that Paul clearly is talking about civil magistrates when he says “as there be gods many, and lords many”.

    All though many want to justify praying/applying to those men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority for their “daily bread” and their personal security/salvation it is obvious that they are taking God’s name in vain because they are, by their covenants with those men, making them gods (civil magistrates).

    Sorry Ante, you will have to come up with something better than that.
    Your comments are devoid of any information or thoughtful critique of the facts. You are just echoing the nonsense that is so common in modern seminaries which is the result of religious cult leaders that have led the whole word back into the very bondage again… That Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ taught us to avoid.

    Don’t let your pride bury this opportunity to repent and seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

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